Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Send Off


My workplace; the inner city office of a large corporation, chock full of dead eyed, middle aged suburbanites, spinning their wheels while they wait for something interesting to happen.


Three colleagues of mine, who sit in my immediate vicinity:

 - CATHY: Thirties, portly, talks incessantly, addicted to reality TV and internet dating.

 - JEN: Early twenties, hyperactive, very into her job, addicted to reality TV and junk food.

 - EMMA: Mid twenties, slim, recently preggers, plays with her iPhone all day.


A conversation I overheard this morning between the three of them, as I fiddled with my email settings, discussing the Labor leadership drama of the night before.

CATHY: Did you watch House Rules last night?

JEN: Yeah. But, I mean, really.

CATHY: What?

JEN: Well it was interrupted because of that business in Canberra.

(General groans from several people nearby).

CATHY: Oh my God. I couldn’t believe that.

EMMA: I don’t want to talk about politics.

JEN: They stopped the show right in the middle and switched to some press conference.

CATHY: I was so annoyed!

JEN: I was just sitting there going, ‘Julia, get the hell off the TV!’

CATHY: I know.

JEN: ‘I don’t want to watch this!’

CATHY: I know.

JEN: Aargh!

CATHY: I know it’s meant to be important or big news or whatever. But… really?

JEN: I want to watch House Rules! I need to know what’s happening.

CATHY: Yeah!

JEN: But I can’t understand why they’d go back to the other bloke anyway.

CATHY: Rudd?

JEN: Yeah. Why would they go back to him now?

EMMA: I really couldn’t care less. They’re both terrible.

CATHY: Well, I think Julia hasn’t been going too well.

EMMA: No one likes her.

CATHY: And they were worried about losing, I guess.

JEN: But it just seems… weird. To go back to someone that they got rid of before. Why not just stick with him in the first place?

CATHY: Yeah. I don’t really understand it either.

EMMA: I don’t like him either. I think he’s creepy.

JEN: Or just stick with her, since they got rid of him.

EMMA: I really hate the whole thing. I’m just sick of hearing about it.

JEN: Yeah, I know.

EMMA: I hate politics!

JEN: It doesn’t even make any difference who the Prime Minister is.

CATHY: Yeah.

JEN: I mean, who cares? I just… I hate hearing about it.

CATHY: Me too. I’m sick of it already.

JEN: It makes no difference, just get it away from me!

EMMA: They’re all the same.

CATHY: Well, at least Rudd is in favour of same sex marriage.

(General murmurs of agreement)

JEN: But I don’t understand how anyone could be against that.

CATHY: That’s right.

JEN: It’s just… how does it affect anyone else? If people want to get married then… just let them.

EMMA: Yeah. It’s no one else’s business.

CATHY: It seems like a weird thing to be against.

JEN: Yeah. I just don’t understand why you’d be opposed to it. Like, I’ve never really heard a reason to be against it.

EMMA: Why would you want to stop people getting married?

CATHY: Yeah, I don’t know either. But you know that Abbott is against it?

JEN: Yeah.

CATHY: That’ll never change if he gets elected.

JEN: Yeah. And he probably will win.

CATHY: Yeah.

JEN: Anyway, who cares.

CATHY: Yeah.

EMMA: I don’t want to talk about politics!

CATHY: Well anyway, you know that House Rules came back on after the Gillard thing?

JEN: Oh yeah! I nearly turned it off it dragged on so long. But yeah, it came back on.

CATHY: I was so happy!