Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best Photos of the Fortnight - 13 February 2011

Ok, well, I had best photos of the week ready for last week, and I forgot to post them ok? I have a life you know. Ahhhhhhhh, forget it...


Photo: Emillio Moranatti
A protester against the Mubarak Government in Tahrir Sqaure, Cario on February 6 demonstrates how everyone has lightened up a bit since the last 'Tank Guy,' that guy in Tiananmen Sqaure,' came and went. Then, Tank Guys had to sacrifice themselves, now they can bet a of a kip in while protesting. The 21st century is a much better place for the Tank Guys (also illustrated by the fact that the Chinese government is unchanged while Mubarak was gone from power a few days after this photo was taken).


Photo: Mike Stone
Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy hugs one of his players after the Packers successfully won Super Bowl XLV, defeating the Pittsburgh Stealers 31 - 26 in Arlington, Texas. The game was watched by a record TV audience of 200 billion, more than 30 times the population of the planet at this time, so proving that aliens and time travelers are avid NFL fans as well.


Photo: Tom Dorsey
The continuing cold weather in America produces a never ending stream 'Awww, perdy' photos, as this one of a Sawtooth Oak in Kansas demonstrates.


Photo: NASA - Godard Space Agency
Sweeping down on the Queensland coast like the spirograph from hell, tropical cyclone Yasi reached Category 5 in terms of both wind speed and media coverage. Incredibly, it was all over in a few hours, as the cyclone made landfall around 1am on Wednesday and was far inland and much diminished about 12 hours later. Even more incredibly, the word 'spirograph' is not in my computers dictionary.


Photo: Unknown
As is so often the case with natural disasters in Australia, bananas were among the worst affected by the cyclone, as this image of a flattened plantation in Queensland shows. Expect Banana Split prices to go through the roof, once again.


Photo: Paul Pichugin
And after the rain... and the flooding... and the cyclone... came the fires, sweeping through the bush on the outskirts of Perth, West Australia. If the global warming experts are right and changing temperatures will produce more of these disasters, then people in Australia are seriously fucked.


Photo: Glenn Milne
Five foreign farm workers miraculously escaped injury after their car was crushed by a Mildura bound freight train. Police stated that how the car ended up in front of the train was still a mystery...


Photo: Tim Jean
... but not as much as a mystery as how this car ended up on it's... well, end, after a car crash in heavy snow outside of Salem, New Hampshire.


Photo: Tyrone Siu
This is either; a) Westerners celebrating the start of the Year of the Rabbit on Chinese New Year in Hong Kong or, b)A meeting of the 'Donnie Darko AQppreciation Society.'

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